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International Day of Midwife & Lamp Lighting Ceremony at CMW School HANDS Jamkanda Batch 2016-2017

    14th May, 2016

The CMW School HANDS Jamkanda has celebrated the International Day of Midwife (IDM) on 14th May, 2016. . Program aimed to celebrate the international day of midwives- 2016, commemorate lamp lighting & oath recite ceremony and welcome upcoming class of midwifery batch 2016.

The celebration began with the cake cutting ceremony followed by the lamp lighting & oath taking ceremony for the Community Midwifery students. . The ceremonial was organized to make midwives enthusiastic to ensure safe motherhood and development of midwifery profession. Lighting of lamp further symbolized the transfer of knowledge, skills and spirit of midwifery. The program concluded with the theme “Midwives are here to save motherhood in rural areas of Sindh”. Overall 60 midwives gathered to make the event successful.