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Midwifery Association of Pakistan Celebrated the International Day of the Midwife And Midwifery Conference 2014

    5-7 June, 2014

Venue : Beach Luxury Hotel & Avari Towers, Karachi

In MAY 2014 MAP celebrated the International Day of the Midwives (IDM) and a midwifery conference for midwives of Pakistan in collaboration with partner agencies, including USAID, MCHIP, UNFPA, Ipas and MNCH Sindh. The main highlights of the conference were an informal opening ceremony and plenary sessions at day 1, several concurrent skill development and capacity building sessions on day 2 and a formal closing ceremony on day 3.

The midwifery conference offered capacity building andskill development sessions to improve the knowledge, practice, and attitude of practicing midwives towards their profession.To make this event remarkable, MAP presented memorabilia to all the participants and guests attending the conference, and a token of appreciation for senior midwives for their devoted contribution for midwifery profession in Pakistan.The US Consul General, Karachi,honored the closing ceremony of the conference bybeing the Chief Guest. Addressing the august audience the Chief Guest said,"celebrate your selves! Stop for a moment and think about all you do for others, the impact you have on health statistics, on the emotional health of those you serve and the safety and wellbeing of mothers and newborns everywhere. Think of the changes you have compelled the medical world to make: increasing rate of midwife-attended birth, better support of breastfeeding, family centered birth being made increasingly available in hospitals, respect for alternatives to mainstay interventions, and much, much more”. The conference was highly admired by all the participants, speakers and NGOs attending the conference.

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