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Message From The President

Midwifery Association of Pakistan

I welcome you all from the forum of the midwifery Association of Pakistan (MAP), a platform that envisions providing Pakistani midwives a sense of belongingness, direction and professional enhancement. MAP’s basic directive is to create an autonomous and strong stand for midwives’ advocacy and to strive for the recognition of midwifery as an independent profession by the government and in policy making matters. The aim of MAP is to strengthen midwives in three main areas of development: education, regulation and association. This will be achieved through competence- based advanced practice, capacity building, development of regulatory mechanisms and enhancement of collaboration, partnership and networking with Midwifery Associations world wide. In order to make MAP a successful and rewarding association I invite you all to join MAP so that we can move forward in direction where we can make an impact and raise the MAP’s and midwives’ visibility, image and inevitable presence in Pakistan and all over the world.